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This informative guide to collecting prints made from 1900 onwards explains what prints are, how they can be recognised and the various techniques that are used in the making. Artists have always been innovative; in times of economic depression or during wars they have used whatever materials are on hand, utilising floorboards, mixing ink from soot and grease and printing on scrap paper. When times are affluent, artists can often afford to use the newest, expensive technology to produce extravagant creations. Although there is a case for claiming that the earliest form of printmaking is the impressions of hands on prehistoric cave walls, it has its roots in China where prayers were carved into woodblocks and printed. Papermaking is a trade full of tradition, with water supply and even the weather playing a part - one British mill refused to make paper in August as the wind was always in the wrong direction! Many artists make their own paper as they want it to be part of the image: in David Hockney's Pool series he directed buckets of coloured pulp to be poured to a specific pattern. Some artists make prints to replicate an image as a way of increasing their income and making their name better known, while others do it for the satisfaction of handling the materials and experimenting with different techniques. The final section explains where you can buy original prints, and there is a comprehensive glossary of printing terms, materials, print types etc. Softback. 128pp. Colour illus.
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