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UNDER LANDS: A Journey Through Britain's Lost Landscape

TED NIELD    Book Number: 82426    Product format: Hardback

The past owns us almost as entirely as the rocks beneath our own landscape. Not so long ago our roads, buildings, gravestones and monuments were built from local rock, our cities were powered by coal from Welsh mines and our lamps were lit with paraffin from Scottish shale. At the height of the Empire, British stone travelled across the world to India and China, Singapore and South Africa. There were thousands of mines, quarries, slagheaps and brick pits across the British Isles. Today we live among the remnants of those times - our oldest cities are built from Bath limestone or Aberdeen granite, but for the most part our mines are gone, our buildings are no longer local, and the flow of stone travels east to west. Spurred on by the erasure of history and industry, author Ted Nield journeyed across this buried landscape from the small Welsh village where his mining ancestors were born and died to Swansea, Aberdeen, East Lothian, Surrey and Dorset. He delves into his ancestors' connections with its rocks, into history and geology and unearths the veins of coal, stone, oil, rock and clay that make up the country beneath our feet and what the loss of kinship between past and present means for Britain and the rest of the world today. Never has geology come so much to life as we recall such mining disasters as Aberfan. Illustrated, 251pp.
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