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John Carey writes a witty and moving memoir not on the history of literature but on his life and literature, his memories as told through the books that made him. This is not only a history of books and a man, but of Oxford, best known for his provocative take on cultural issues. For 40 years he was lead book reviewer for the Sunday Times. Here is the Blitz and army service in Egypt to an idyllic rural life. Part of the book maps his time in Oxford from the 1950s onwards and the snobberies and rituals and meeting Auden, Graves, Larkin and Heaney. In his undergraduate years, Carey talks about his love of Jonson's Sir Epicure Mammon, from 'The Alchemist', whose imaginings, when believing he will have boundless wealth, amusingly surround countless wives, concubines, and fabulous bathrooms filled with perfume that he and his women will lose themselves in. Carey shares with us his thoughts on writers - whether a cutting comment about Forster's A Passage to India 'with its hogwash about the mystical East', or the admiration for Orwell as 'Orwell the man, Orwell the political animal'. The perfect excuse to pop your feet up, crack open this book and let Carey's fantastic knowledge and experiences take you across the country and literature. 361pp, wonderful index on all literary references.
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