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PETER CORBIN: An Artist's Creel

PETER CORBIN    Book Number: 82374    Product format: Hardback

We are especially thrilled to be able to offer this magnificent book, a first edition from 2005 showcasing the work of Peter Corbin, the celebrated US sporting artist. Corbin was born in New Jersey in 1945 and grew up in a house full of art, books, Labradors, fishing tackle and guns. Over the years he developed an unshakeable attachment to the rituals, protocols and traditions of fishing and hunting, as codified and passed down by his father, but what he loved most was fly fishing: "I love fly casting, it's like ballet with an aesthetic elegance that I find very appealing... and when you hook up you feel a direct connection to the fish." A keen and accomplished athlete, he had intended to study maths and star at football and hockey, but a series of concussions on the playing field put paid to that and it was then that he found his niche in the University art department. But his love of fishing never left, and by the mid-70s he was making a modest living illustrating books, catalogues and magazines, notably the covers of the renowned L.L. Bean catalogue. This degree of financial security permitted him to indulge in larger canvases - "It's not so much that I like to catch fish as I like the places where they live." Never was this truer than for a fisherman, hunter and artist. The unique combination of reflected and transmitted light, the vast skies, the weather, geography and, of course, that balletic cast and the leaping fish is irresistible, be they on bonefish flats off Florida or the barren volcanic landscape of Iceland. Here are over 200 of his best works covering trout, salmon and saltwater flyfishing, upland and waterfowl shooting, hunting with horse and hound and a collection of portraits of people, hunting dogs and horses. Almost all are reproduced full-page with title, medium and original size, a stunning collection taken from a life spent in the natural world in the most spectacular landscapes. 196pp, 12¼"×11¼".
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