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A story to strike pity and terror into any heart, here is the definitive account of the tragic and extraordinary life of Joseph Carey Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man. Born in Leicester on 5th August 1852, through horrible physical deformities which were almost impossible to describe, he spent much of his life exhibited as a fairground freak until even 19th century sensibilities could take no more. Hounded, persecuted and starving, he ended up one day at Liverpool Street Station where he was rescued, housed and fed by the distinguished surgeon Frederick Treves. To Treves' surprise, he discovered during the course of their friendship that lurking beneath the mass of Merrick's corrupting flesh lived a spirit that was as courageous as it had been tortured, and a nature as gentle and dignified as it had been deprived and tormented. Fresh evidence both medical and sociological added to this fully revised edition with the true and unromanticised facts of his life. 'The bulk of the disease was on his right side; there was enormous hypertrophy of the skin of the whole right arm, measuring twelve inches round the wrist and five inches round one of the fingers, a lax mass of pendulous skin etc.' 'It suggested the limb of the subject of elephantiasis it was overgrown with a cauliflower-like skin'. 48 illustrations, 214pp in paperback.

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