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HAMMER FILMS: The Unsung Heroes

WAYNE KINSEY    Book Number: 82007    Product format: Paperback

Following three earlier books on Hammer films, Wayne Kinsey has embarked on the fourth and most difficult task: a book about the producers, directors, writers and technicians whose names were not in lights but who came together to create Hammer's "house" style of production, usually achieving a superb polish within a meagre budget. As the actor Barbara Shelley says in her Foreword, Hammer provided regular work at a time when the British film industry was in the doldrums, generating a family feeling that was reinforced by the home-cooked food in the dining room. Albert Fennell, no longer with us, was co-producer with Brian Clemens on Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, following their earlier partnership on The Avengers. Clemens's storyboard sequence for the climactic fight sequence in Kronos is reproduced here, together with detailed accounts of a mirror transformation in Jekyll. Apart from Continuity and Costume there are few women's names in the backstage teams but Aida Young was a producer who remembers location work in Israel on She in temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, together with an incident in which Bernard Cribbins accidentally received a round of buckshot in a painful place. Young's final film for Hammer was Hands of the Ripper (1971). Camera crew, sound recordists, make-up artists, composers (including Richard Rodney Bennett and Malcom Williamson), special effects and stuntmen - all have their fascinating tales to tell, and Kinsey has interviewed most of them in person. 484pp, large paperback, hundreds of photos in black and white and colour, filmography with every entry.

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