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BEAUTIFUL EARTH: Our Planet Explored from Above

DIRK LORENZEN    Book Number: 82002    Product format: Hardback

Almost every astronaut, when asked about the most memorable features of a space voyage, will start with the view of earth. Not only are the colours wonderful, but there is also an awesome sense of the smallness of humankind in the vast reaches of space. From the 1960s we have grown used to seeing our planet from a distance, and for the author this has brought unrivalled opportunities to learn about urbanisation and the environment. The fact that this book is in four languages - English, French, German and Spanish - indicates that it is much more than a superb collection of mind-bending satellite views. The author believes that satellite monitoring gives us an opportunity to manage the ecosystems of our planet, with the European project Copernicus being the world's first operational environmental monitoring system. An alarming picture here shows a 15-mile wide iceberg breaking away from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland, while a radar image of Venice, in beautiful shades of green and purple, reveals areas of erosion and possible subsidence. The striking cloud formations caused by air flowing between the Canary Islands looks like a Surrealist painting, while the dust cloud on Namibia's desert forms a beautiful gash in the regular pattern of the dunes. In the Mediterranean, volcanic ash from Sicily's Mount Etna resembles an innocent rain cloud. International policing is also possible with satellites, for instance ships which flush their tanks at sea and pollute the ocean with oil slicks can easily be spotted. 224pp, stunning colour photography, detailed commentary.
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