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SOPHIE GAMAND    Book Number: 81942    Product format: Hardback

Beautiful hairy doggies look quite different when wet - skinny, beady eyed, floppy eared, startled, soap-sudded, dripping wet, surrounded by bubbles, and about to shake themselves dry. The gallery at the end of this book shows all of our dozens of wet dogs dry - Agnes the mini poodle, Chappie the 11 year old Toy Schnauzer, Cooper the six year old Yorkie, Lulu the two year old French bulldog and one of those new mixes, a Havapoo (yes really!) Havanese-Poodle Oscar Boobear. Lots of rescue dogs are included, wet, then all pampered and towel dried after their wet dog sessions by the ace photographer Sophie Gamand. A touching and intimate moment of bath time when our doggies wriggle and give playful splashes, these are very expressive portraits of our canine friends. Gorgeous colour photography, 144 large pages.
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ISBN 9781781314098
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