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RENAISSANCE PEOPLE: Lives that Shaped the Modern Age

ROBERT DAVIS & BETH LINDSMITH    Book Number: 81807    Product format: Hardback

The Renaissance is dominated by great names: the artists Leonardo, Titian and Brueghel, religious reformers like Luther and Calvin, patrons such as Lorenzo de Medici and Isabella d'Este, discoverers and inventors such as Columbus and Caxton, thinkers like Erasmus and Machiavelli. All of them make their appearance in this history of the Renaissance in 94 portraits, but there are also other lesser known luminaries who made a significant difference in the new dawn of understanding. Arranged chronologically, the book starts with those who laid the foundations: the preacher Jan Hus, the architect of Florence's cathedral Filippo Brunelleschi, the feminist writer Christine de Pizan. By the early 16th century the centre of Renaissance art was shifting from Florence to Rome as Pope Julius II started hiring men like Raphael and Michelangelo for the new St Peter's. The Renaissance also travelled north of the Alps, with the intricate woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer heralding a new naturalism, while the Polish astronomer Copernicus revolutionised the science of astronomy, though his works were quickly banned as heretical. The darker side of the Renaissance is also seen in the influence of the witch-hunting manual Malleus Maleficarum by Heinrich Kramer. In music, the composer Palestrina was initially resented as an outsider but eventually served under 12 popes, composing music that launched an Italian school of church music. The young artist Sophonisba Anguissola studied with Michelangelo and at the end of her long life the young Van Dyck was her pupil. 336pp, 19 x 24.8cm, 2011, colour reproductions.
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