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RETOLD BY STELLA GURNEY     Book Number: 81806    Product format: Hardback

Our hero is dashing, smashing and awfully clever, has bright green rather sly and beautiful eyes, soft ginger and white fur and very long leather boots. Peter is the miller's youngest son, a lazy but pleasant fellow. The miller is old and kind. The Ogre is a vain, unpleasant monster with shape-shifting powers. The King is a fair and just ruler who likes his food. Princess Hermione is kind and beautiful and heir to the throne. Puss loves his fine boots, but some pesky rabbits have found their way into his wardrobe and stolen them. Now they are scattering them all over the kingdom. See if you can find one boot hidden in every scene. As we turn the big pages, beautifully illustrated by Gerald Kelly, we read the story book, lift the flaps, turn the spinning wheels to make the pages interactive, learn facts about feline fashion, have a giggle at Puss's antics, lift the flap of his satchel to find bunnies hiding inside, read the small booklet of the Legend of the Ogre of Montoya, gasp as Puss's eyes open and his tongue moves across as you pull the flap and a final surprise, a beautiful colour pop-up of the wedding. Big hardback pop-up. 10" x 11".
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ISBN 9780764164859
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