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LEONARDO DA VINCI: Four Models and Illustrated Book

BARRINGTON BARBER    Book Number: 81793    Product format: Hardback

Outsize hardback set with four of Leonardo's most intriguing inventions to recreate in your own home - a 3D model of the Vitruvian Man with facts at the base of the model, a 33-barrelled gun (get ready to fire!), a flying machine and a swing (revolving) bridge. All of the cardboard is ready to press out from the sheets, in die-cut pre-prepared models which will be great fun to put together. Leonardo da Vinci remains a phenomenon, a genius whose achievements dwarf those of just about every artist who came after him. The illustrated book in this set includes a biography, a selection of his greatest paintings and drawings and the text is by artist Barrington Barber, shedding his own artistic perspective on what we should be looking for in the chalk lines, tonal shadings, original drawings with tempera retouching and the beautiful faces and heads capturing the moment, particularly in The Last Supper when Christ foresees his own betrayal and death. Baby in the Womb, Leonardo's Helicopter, the Skull and the Skeleton, Hurricane, studies of cats and dragons, sprays of oak leaves and acorns and the Arno landscape are among the examples. 64 page large paperback, fully illus, plus four models.
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ISBN 9781784047917
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