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JESUS THE RABBI PROPHET: A New Light on the Gospel Message

JACQUES BALDET    Book Number: 81791    Product format: Paperback

Jesus was born in a time of political unrest, in a country occupied by the Romans who put a puppet king, Herod the Great, on the throne. In the gospel narratives Herod tries to kill the baby who he believes will grow up to threaten his power, but the historical Herod died four years before the traditional birthdate of Jesus. In this study of the historical figure of Jesus, the author examines the geographical and political contexts of his childhood in an area heavily influenced by Greek culture. In addition to Aramaic, Jesus may have spoken Hebrew and even some Greek. The author concludes that Jesus was a fully human being who had brothers and sisters, learned a trade, and was brutally executed by the Roman authorities, a punishment reserved only for rebels. Jesus must therefore have been perceived as a threat to the Roman occupiers, and scholars have puzzled over the reasons for this. One suggestion is that the Romans knew he was not a military leader but realised that many Jews thought that he was. In Judaism there was no tradition of a suffering Messiah, and the author shows how over the centuries, beginning with the dramatic conversion of Paul on the Damascus road, his followers established the world religion we know today. 260pp, paperback.
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