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Dr Robin Moore's fascination with amphibians began with the sights and sounds of frogs spawning in spring, the collection of frogspawn and the subsequent observation of the amazing process of metamorphosis. Unchanged for some 200 million years, frogs are an exemplar of evolutionary design, their skin like an inverted lung stretched across their delicate frame and with an amazing range of physical and behavioural adaptations to cope with drought and extreme cold. This amazing skin, also worn by newts, toads, salamanders and the strange worm-like caecilians, has enabled them to populate every continent and climatic zone except Antarctica, but it is that skin's porosity pollutants and the unprotected nature of their eggs which has made them vulnerable, to the extent that amphibian numbers are in alarming decline, with over half the world's 7,000 species threatened with extinction and over 250 which have not been seen since this century began. In 2010 Dr Moore spearheaded the Search for Lost Frogs, a group of 26 research teams from 21 countries on five continents whose task was to search for those frogs. Some species remained elusive, some were rediscovered and some completely new species discovered. Meet the newly discovered Monty Burns Toad of Colombia, named after its startling resemblance to the nefarious millionaire in The Simpsons, the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog, rather like a mint humbug on legs, the orange and black Variable Harlequin Frog, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog and the yellow/black Near-eastern Fire Salamander, to name but a tiny selection of the wonderful but sadly critically endangered animals to be found here. 256pp, 7¾"×10".
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