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HMS WARRIOR 1860: Victoria's Ironclad Deterrent

ANDREW LAMBERT    Book Number: 81780    Product format: Hardback

Although the British and the French had been allies during the Crimean War, they had also waged a major arms race. The French had stopped building wooden battleships in 1855, and had launched Gloire, the first sea-going ironclad warship. It wasn't long before the British responded, building Warrior as a direct response to Gloire, though Warrior was in every respect a more advanced ship. She was the first iron-hulled, armoured, sea-going warship and was launched in 1860. This fully-detailed in-depth account tells the story of Warrior, her construction, service and later reconstruction. Warrior had a profound effect on France, where dreams of invading Britain soon faded once the powerful ship was launched. However, Warrior's career proved uneventful, which with hindsight was just as well as it saved her life and she eventually ended up as a mooring hulk for oil tankers at Pembroke Dock, where she remained for fifty years. In 1979 she was given to the Maritime Trust where she underwent an extensive reconstruction. Here are the detailed plans and diagrams, including the originals, as the story unfolds of how Warrior was slowly rebuilt into the magnificent ship she is today, now moored at Portsmouth where thousands of people visit her each year. The book also contains 75 specially commissioned colour photographs that show every aspect of the ship. 223pp. Colour and b/w illustrations, diagrams and restoration drawings.
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