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GEORGIA O'KEEFFE: An Eternal Spirit

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Georgia O'Keefe was a pioneer in the world of American art, and her organic, abstract style incorporating subjects such as flower heads that fill the canvas, is a visual feast. Born in 1887 in Wisconsin, Georgia was fortunate that her mother encouraged all five of her daughters to study art; in the 19th century farm women in the area were expected to decorate their own furniture and walls with floral patterns as a domestic craft. Georgia, however, decided that art was to be her career, and she taught art for a while in South Carolina. This superb collection shows how her work flourished as she developed her own style, throwing herself into a world of expressionism, completely filling her canvasses with colour. It includes some of her most outstanding paintings such as the stunning 'Yellow Hickory Leaves With Daisy', 'Winter Cottonwoods', 'Bear Lake' 'It Was Blue and Green' and the glowing 'Oriental Poppies'. As well as flowers, the artist was fascinated by skulls and bones, their form and the spaces and holes they revealed, and she used this theme in many of her works. She also adored the colours of the desert in New Mexico, spending several months each year painting the views. Georgia married photographer and modern art promoter Alfred Stieglitz, who helped publicise her work for the rest of his life. 12x9", 128pp. Mainly colour illustrations.
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