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With beautiful strokes, flourishes and even colour, modern calligraphers are expanding the artistic side of writing by experimenting with letter forms, the scrawl, the illegible mark and varied forms of 'word paintings', as well as blending Western calligraphy with Arabic and Asian traditions. The fountain pen in this kit is a high-quality, professional calligraphy pen and full instructions are given for loading it with one of the three ink cartridges provided, (red, blue and black) within the pack. Understand the broad pen and practise basic shapes. Diagrams familiarise you with the terms used in the deck of cards provided to create serifs. Many artists today use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to invert and adjust their artworks, copying and pasting them onto new letters and colouring in letters or the background any way you like. 50 instructional cards on flourishes and borders, design, skeleton, Roman majuscules, batarde, foundational hand, versals, italic hand, manic and more. Sturdy box with lid.
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ISBN 9781607107576
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