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DREAMSTREETS: A Journey Through Britain's Village Utopias

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There are about 400 villages in Britain that were built as 'models', creating communities to fulfil a social need or illustrate an aesthetic theory. The origins of village utopias lie in the Industrial Revolution, and in the late 18th century at Cromford in Derbyshire the manufacturer Richard Arkwright established a mill in the rocky ravine created by the fast-flowing river Derwent. The associated rows of cottages were Derbyshire's first planned worker housing. Arkwright was later called upon to advise on the development at New Lanark Mills, where Robert Owen's Utopianism had more of a moral slant. In the windswept village of Nenthead in Cumbria the London Lead Company established a working community which was dominated by Quakers who developed a strong educational presence, and in the mid-19th century the large settlement of Saltaire near Bradford achieved a functional austerity. By contrast, Edensor on the Chatsworth Estate was developed by the sixth Duke of Devonshire as part of an ambitiously self-aggrandising project, with flamboyant housing created largely by Joseph Paxton, later architect of the Crystal Palace. Blaise Hamlet, near Bristol, belonging to the same period, is a settlement of picturesque thatched cottages which like Edensor was influenced by the early 19th century vogue for the Picturesque in landscape, a parallel to the Romantic movement in poetry with its focus on wild landscapes. Flamboyant Utopias were also created at Harlaxton in Lincolnshire and Portmeirion in Gwynedd. 218pp, black and white photos.

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