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JUDY FORD    Book Number: 81634    Product format: Paperback

Sub-titled 'The Uninhibited Woman's Guide to A Fabulous Life After 40' this is a book about 'Allowing ourselves to be taken. The more graceful we are, the better we look. Resistance to bending is what looks bad, not wrinkles.' 'Timeless beauty, like an etched patina, evolves over years, arriving slowly with the wear and tear of loving and being human. Such a woman retains the optimism of youth blended with compassion of forgiveness.' With lots of anecdotal advice, here is a book to help you express yourself, turn depression into expression and let your opinions and ideas be known. Keep black lace stockings in the back of the drawer just in case. Keep your sense of humour - you're going to need it. Quiet little hobbies are exhilarating; quilting or colouring in is meditating. Practice emotional bravery, take care of your body, be happy that you are gaining so much experience, take a nap, set a gentle pace and give yourself credit. When we get to a certain age we begin to think a lot about ageing and here is how to be creative and be on a high using loads of ideas and examples and all about those medical irritations. Lots of To Do and Not To Do lists, looking for a compatible hair stylists, dressing for the occasion, song therapy and more. Import, 216pp in softback.
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ISBN 9781593373849
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