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SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH    Book Number: 81631    Product format: Hardback

For nearly 60 years, our most popular and influential naturalist has looked at birds, insects and other animals with astonishing behaviour and backwards across 600 million years of nature. In film, television, writing and speaking, Attenborough himself is a natural phenomenon. Here he shares his interests, discoveries, and pleasure as related in his second series of Life Stories from 2011, unabridged as all was not possible to be included on the radio broadcast. Fireflies, nectar, chameleon, cuckoo, chimpanzees, butterflies, rats, whales, hummingbirds, cicadas to the sweet potato and its relative the bind weed, bats and a giant flightless coot, spider monkeys in the South American rainforest, toucans and kangaroos have all caught his eye. Only 50 years ago one part of the tropical rainforest was virtually unexplored and unknown species certainly lived there. Join David Attenborough in the Venezuelan rainforest to inspect every tree in the canopy below and travel much further even back to the summer of 1960 when the bookselling world was agog with excitement about Elsa the lioness and George and Joy Adamson. Superbly well illustrated, 224 very large pages, colour.
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