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Bronchial asthma and respiratory disease is on the rise due to atmospheric influences. Although trained as a pharmacist, the author turned to alternative medicine early in his career and his most influential teacher was the world-renowned Swiss doctor, Alfred Vogel. With his 40 years' experience, Jan de Vries shoes how many allergic reactions can result in asthma-related problems, hay fever being a case in point. Viruses, bacteria and irritants may result in dry coughs, mucus formation, breathlessness, muscle pain and even light fever, depression and sometimes emphysema. This disease is known to be incurable, but here he shows treatments which can bring welcome relief. Over the years, his natural therapies have helped many asthma sufferers by rebuilding their immune systems through good and balanced diets. Here he details simple exercises to relieve the symptoms, even of an asthma attack, and is full of sensible advice and simple methods of self help. A reprint of the 1991 original, 143pp in paperback.

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