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I AM SCOUT: The Biography of Harper Lee

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Everyone who has read Harper Lee's classic novel of the American South, To Kill a Mockingbird, will remember Scout, the young girl who sees tragic, incomprehensible and moving events unfolding before her eyes. In many ways Scout is Lee herself and the starting point for this biography is Lee's transformation of her own childhood experiences in the story. Lee grew up in small-town Monroeville, Alabama, a quiet backwater where her father was an attorney. In 1919 he defended two black men accused of murdering a white man but lost the case and they were hanged. It must have made a lasting impression on the eight-year-old Harper, who made a similar case central to her novel in which Atticus Finch (her mother's maiden name) defends Tom Robinson in a rape accusation. Meanwhile Harper's mother was becoming mentally unstable, and this darker side of human life also makes its appearance in Mockingbird. A huge influence on the young Harper was her next door neighbour Truman Capote who would also become a world-famous writer. Harper's father gave the two friends a typewriter and they worked together on fiction based on small town life. When Mockingbird was published in 1960 it was an immediate sensation, quickly becoming a film with Gregory Peck and to some extent taking on a life of its own. The biography covers Lee's later life and the lack of support she had in following up her early success. 246pp, photos.
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