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THEY ALL LOVE JACK: Busting the Ripper

BRUCE ROBINSON    Book Number: 81582    Product format: Hardback

Two of the 19th century's biggest crime stories were Jack the Ripper and the Maybrick poisoning. This big, rumbustious book brings the two together in a meticulously researched rollercoaster of a read, written over a period of 15 years by film director Bruce Robinson (Withnail and I). Florence Maybrick was charged with murdering her husband James with arsenic in spite of the fact that he was a regular user of the poison for medicinal purposes. Her victim James Maybrick has been named as the Ripper in recent years following the discovery of a diary which is thought to be a forgery, but following a detailed examination of the evidence, including numerous letters, Robinson concludes that James's brother Michael, a popular musician and composer, was not only the Ripper but also his brother's murderer. Robinson shows that Michael's programme of musical appearances relates closely to the Ripper murders. Both brothers were Freemasons, as were important members of the police and judiciary at the time, particularly Sir Charles Warren, the Chief Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and Robinson argues that the Masonic brotherhood conspired to protect the Ripper, whose mutilations of the bodies can be interpreted in terms of Masonic symbolism. Over and above its contribution to Ripperology, however, this huge book is a gripping study of Victorian Society and the so-called Victorian values that sold the children of the poor into prostitution, and where cocaine was freely available to buy at Harrods. 850pp, black and white photos and illus.

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