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NAPOLEON: The End of Glory

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'Do not lament my fate; if I decided to go on living, it is to serve your glory. I wish to write the history of the great things we have done together.' Munro Price has rewritten the history of the decline and fall of Napoleon in a highly original and enthralling story, focussing on the two dramatic years between the retreat from Moscow and Napoleon's 1814 abdication. On 20th April that year, after a dizzying sequence of battles, campaigns and diplomatic intrigues, Napoleon Bonaparte made his farewell speech to the Old Guard in the courtyard of the Château de Fontainebleau and set off for exile on the island of Elba. Napoleonic legend asserts that the French Emperor was brought down by a combination of foreign powers and highly placed domestic traitors determined to destroy him and discredit his achievements. Others argue that once Napoleon got bogged down in Russia for a second time, leading to a humiliating and costly retreat in 1912, his fall became inevitable. Munro Price reveals the Emperor's storied demise could have been avoided altogether. Neglected by historians, this period saw Napoleon's loss of both his European empire and his control over France itself. In 1813 the massive Battle of Leipzig, the bloodiest in modern history before the first day of the Somme more than a century later, forced his armies back to the Rhine. The next year after a brilliant campaign against the odds, Napoleon was forced to abdicate. He regained his throne the following year for just a hundred days in a doomed adventure culminating in the spectacular defeat at Waterloo in 1815. At several key points, Napoleon's enemies, prodded by the supremely astute Prince Metternich, the Austrian Foreign Minister, offered him peace terms that would have allowed him to keep his throne if not his empire. Such a compromise was never brokered, principally because Napoleon feared his own subjects more than his adversaries. He chose to gamble on total victory at the risk of utter defeat. 324 magnificent pages in well illustrated hardback, plates and ten maps. An OUP publication.
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