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Since the publication of Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code, the controversy surrounding Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus has gained international interest. Here are the many faces of this historical woman who walked with Jesus in the villages of Judaea to the mythic and symbolic Magdalene who is the archetype of the Sacred Feminine. Margaret Starbird reveals a woman who for years has been conflated with the Gospels' other Marys and she offers historical evidence that Mary was indeed Jesus' forgotten bride. Expanding on the rich discussion of medieval art and lore she unearthed the lost story of the lost bride of Christ and establishes the identity of the female disciple who was the first to witness Jesus' resurrection and provides an interpretation of Mary's true role based on prophecy from the Hebrew Scriptures and the testimony of the Canonical Gospels of Christianity. Includes a 60 minute audio CD of the author's lecture in which she discusses historical and scriptural evidence for the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Softback, 182pp with 24 richly coloured pages of gorgeous art masterpieces.
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