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Bruno was a fanatical of Hitler Youth member, taught to hate Jews, although he couldn't understand how the hatred needed to encompass such Jews as the elderly Frau Goldblatt who ran the grocery shop and was so kind to him. Even so, Bruno enthusiastically took part in a book burning, prodding at the Jewish books with a stick as they took so long to burn. Then to his horror he discovered that his best friend had Jewish blood and had been forced to flee. One day the Gestapo called at Bruno's home, and when they left his parents explained that he was, in fact, a mischling, or half-Jew, as he had a Jewish grandparent. In 1938 the SS ordered the destruction of Jewish property, and Bruno saw a crowd outside Frau Goldblatt's shop. The ringleaders began pelting the old woman's shop with stones, before dragging her into the street, ripping off her nightdress and hitting her. Bruno was scared, but after they had gone he rescued her, then attacked the main ringleader who toppled down a staircase and was killed. Bruno trained in the Luftwaffe, becoming a mechanic, but finally ended up in a British Prisoner of War camp. After the war he was able to set up a car sales business, thanks to Frau Goldblatt's gift of diamonds that had been sewn into his coat. Bruno appeared in Leni Riefenstahl's film 'Triumph of the Will' and took part in the Nuremberg Rally of 1934. As a P.O.W. in England, Bruno became a Christian and honed his skill at chess and settled here, disguising 'his dangerous inheritance. This is his story, told by his friend, a priest. It is a page-turner of a book that reveals the happenings in war-torn German, the sanctions against the Jewish people, and the general climate of hatred. "Bruno" even concealed his Jewish roots from his children and died peacefully in 2007. 302pp.

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