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The first trams to carry people in Yorkshire arrived in the early 1870s and were horse-drawn. Although crude, they were a great improvement on horse-drawn omnibuses - the low rolling resistance of steel wheels on iron rails allowed the horses to pull a greater load for a given effort and gave a much smoother ride, and the combination of low-cost, flexible and safe animal power and the smoothness and all-weather capability of a rail right-of-way system made them very popular with everybody. In the 1880s and early 1890s steam powered trams enjoyed a degree of success, but complaints about the noise and dirtiness ensured that horsepower remained dominant. The first overhead wire electric tram service in Europe, the Roundhay Electric Tramway in Leeds, formally opened on 29 October 1891 and over the next decade new electric tram routes opened up all over Yorkshire. These tramway openings were grand occasions for any town and adults, children and all the local great and good turned out, accompanied by an army of press and postcard photographers which, happily, means that over a century later there is a magnificent photographic archive available to the local historian. Our book uses over 220 of the best, pin-sharp b/w photos sourced from rare postcards and exclusive glass plate negatives that illustrate the early years of tramways all across Yorkshire, whether horse, steam or electric powered. The street scenes are just as fascinating, be they be shots of day to day life or grand civic events with shop fronts and other businesses. 144pp, 6¾"×9¾" softback.
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