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JEAN-FRANÇOIS MONGIBEAUX    Book Number: 81525    Product format: Hardback

Produced in association with The Royal Geographical Society this magnificent super heavyweight tome measures nearly 12" square and nearly 2" deep and is an incredible visual gallery. Divided into the continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania, America and the Middle East here is literally a snapshot of the middle of the 19th century when a large part of the world remained unexplored. White man, as he was called at the time, had not set foot in much of Africa, South America, the North of Eurasia or North America, Asia, the Near and Middle East, the Poles and certain Pacific islands. Europe and the US in particular 'launched' their scientists, missionaries, tradesmen and naturally their soldiers overseas and the discovery of cultures worldwide saw the 'invention' in the archaeological sense of the word of photography. Isabella Bird-Bishop, Gertrude Bell and Samuel Bourne reveal a subtle interplay between two diametrically opposing worlds. Here is David Livingstone in East Africa, Harry H. Johnston in Kenya and Uganda, Alexander Wollaston in the Congo and Elizabeth Wilhelmina Ness in Nigeria, Samuel Bourne in India, Clarence Comyn Taylor in Nepal and Isabella Bird-Bishop in China, Japan and Korea. We travel too to British Guiana, Guatemala and Mexico, Easter Island and Patagonia and then to Oman with Percy Cox, and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with William H. Shakespear and Gertrude Bell. Here are naked tribesmen and hunters, chainmail in Nigeria in 1925 from an extraordinary set of photographs of villagers and market places, Kashmir in 1864, masqueraders in Nepal 1862-65, temples, Afghan horse dealers, monuments and tombs and groups of 'natives' from an extraordinary set of photographs taken in 1881 in Afghanistan, Buddhist ceremonies, a bullock cart, groups of children, Japanese orphans, bodyguards in Bhutan 1905 to Californian railroads, the valley of Mexico and fallen statues on Easter Island. Double page spreads, very large quality photographs in both sepia and black and white, this is a monumental record of early indigenous peoples, a snapshot in history and a nostalgic read. With extended captions, we cannot express the beauty and quality of these 400 captivating and mesmerising photographs.
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