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SOPHIA: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary

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Sophia, god-daughter of Queen Victoria, was raised a genteel aristocratic Englishwoman, presented at court, afforded grace-and-favour lodgings at Hampton Court Palace and was photographed wearing the latest fashions for the society pages. But when in secret defiance of the British government she travelled to India, she returned a revolutionary. Born into Indian royalty in 1876, Sophia Duleep Singh was the daughter of Maharajah Duleep Singh, heir to the Kingdom of the Sikhs, one of the greatest empires of the Indian subcontinent that stretched from the Kashmir Valley to the Khyber Pass. It was irresistible to the British who plundered everything including the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond. The dispossessed Maharajah transformed his estate at Elveden in Suffolk into a Moghul palace, its grounds stocked with leopards, monkeys and exotic birds. Sophia transcended her heritage to devote herself to battling injustice and inequality. Her causes were the struggle for Indian Independence, the fate of the Lascars, the welfare on Indian soldiers in WWI and above all, the fight for female suffrage. Swapping her silks for a nurse's uniform to tend soldiers, she attacked politicians and put herself on the front line. More than a million Indian soldiers would serve in the trenches and Punjabi patients could not believe they were being treated by their princess. 16 pages of photos, 416pp. Remainder mark.

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