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VICTOR BRIDGES    Book Number: 81376    Product format: Paperback

A British Library Classic Thriller, Victor Bridges (1878-1972) was a prolific author of thriller novels, often set in Essex and East Anglia and is the writer of Greensea Island. Owen Bradwell is a courageous naval officer who returns to England in the 1930s and believes his career is over because he has become colour-blind. But with Nazi Germany an increasing menace, the authorities cannot do with him and he is assigned a special mission. A former acquaintance has been trapped into betraying his country's secrets by a Nazi agent and Bradwell is sent to spy on the spy. He travels down the Thames on a surveillance trip under cover of a fishing weekend and things soon take an unexpected turn. Bradwell finds himself in the company of a dead man and a pretty young interior decorator called Sally. Rich with the classic twists of the genre - amnesia, blackmail, love, and a convict's escape from Dartmoor. 288pp in paperback.
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