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Tattoo art has never been more popular, as graphic designers and fine artists move into the genre to combat the effects of the economic squeeze. This huge and beautiful book reproduces some of the most spectacular examples, in many cases in almost life-size detail. A venerable art going back to the ancient Egyptians and beyond, modern tattooing makes use of machines and the latest chemical preparations, but there remains the sense of magic in their creation, not only because their commonly used motifs have esoteric meanings, but also because the blood and pain give the tattooing ritual an almost religious significance. Tattooing also has a practical function, for instance navvies in Depression-era New York would get a hasty tattooing job to cover up the black eye that would make them unemployable. In the 1960s shared inkpots and needles were the norm, but health and safety rules have transformed the practice of body art into a safe and hygienic process. In tattooing, as in the other arts, there are various schools of design. The traditional style has bold outlines and and simple colours, while New-School offers cartoon characters and psychedelic ornamentation. Bio-mechanical is a fringe school that depends on unsettling images, maybe the cogs and ratchets of a steelworks or the not-quite-human mutations of a sci-fi film. Guy Aitchison is one of the big names of Bio-mech, with his early interest in cyborgs developing into organic forms, many of them tribal in origin. Other featured artists include Mark Bode, Michele Wortman and John Anderton. 192pp, big colour photos on most pages.
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