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REAL TUDORS: Kings and Queens Rediscovered

CHARLOTTE BOLLAND & T. COOPER    Book Number: 81330    Product format: Paperback

A National Portrait Gallery lavish publication with glossy pages packed with beautiful colour portraits, colour timelines, details of monograms, clothing, jewellery from portraits by Hans Holbein and others and X-radiography and photomicroscopy showing the lavish pigments and layers containing azurite in the primer giving the flesh a cool tone. Most of us immediately recognise the classic portraits of the Tudor rulers, especially the Hans Holbein painting of Henry VIII, that of Henry's son, Edward VI, attributed to Guillim Scrots and several of Henry's daughter Elizabeth I by various artists, including the one by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, depicting her in a richly embroidered white gown. However, there are many other Tudor portraits that have been overshadowed by the more famous images, and here the authors investigate art works depicting Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I in a bid to understand more about the persona behind the portrait. Over a period of seven years most of the Tudor portraits in the National Portrait Gallery have been re-examined using contemporary scientific techniques. X-rays reveal different hand placements, eye positions and foot stances as the artists strove to get their paintings exactly right. In many cases, paintings were copied by unknown artists because the demand for images of the rulers was so great, as kings and queens did not pose for portraits that often. This fascinating account shows portraits from various periods in the rulers' lives, making it easier than ever to encounter the 'real' Tudors and how they truly looked. Softback, 176pp. Colour illus. 7" x 9¼".
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