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ROBERT J. STRANGE    Book Number: 81255    Product format: Hardback

New evidence highlights and names the guilty parties whose greed, negligence and hubris contributed to the disaster. In April 1912 almost 1,500 men, women and children aboard the new liner Titanic were doomed because there were too few lifeboats. The story of the terrible tragedy has been recounted many times, but in this new account the author poses the question, 'Who was to blame?' It didn't help that many passengers were unaware of the danger and were convinced they would be safer to stay on board. At one point a crew member had to manhandle women into a life boat as they refused to get in, so he threw their children into the boat to safety in the hope the women would follow. The tragic account, full of eye-witness reports from the first sighting of the iceberg through to the moment when the ship went down, is a compelling read. This new, exhaustive investigation using forgotten files from both British and American archives, names many people, from politicians to ship owners, and from bankers to builders, who, had the tragedy happened today, could well be facing manslaughter charges. Topping the list is Winston Churchill, who at that time was the minister responsible for marine safety. 214pp. B/w illus.
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