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Sub-titled 'The Story of History's Most Famous Assassination', this page turner gives detail after detail, clothing familiar facts of Caesar's seemingly inevitable murder with fresh images. The last bloody day of the Republic has never been painted so brilliantly giving an understanding of what happened on the Ides of March and its chaotic, bloody aftermath. Thanks to Shakespeare, the death of Julius Caesar is one of the most famous assassinations in history but what actually happened on March 15th 44BC is even more gripping than his dramatisation. Here is the story of the most famous event in its historical context of Rome's civil wars. The murder was a carefully planned paramilitary operation. Caesar's assassins regarded him as a military dictator who had to be stopped. Brutus and Cassius were indeed key players, but they had the help of a third man, Decimus, a mole in Caesar's entourage. One of Caesar's leading generals and a lifelong friend, it was he, not Brutus, who truly betrayed Caesar. Combined with a dose of sheer accident, the event conspired to bring down the most powerful man in the world. Strauss also conveys the complexity of late Republican Roman politics in a story of murder, lust, betrayal and high politics from the pen of one of the world's senior academic experts in the field. Reads like a thriller. 324pp in paperback, eight pages of plates.
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