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MICHAEL MOORCOCK    Book Number: 81011    Product format: Hardback

Book one of the Sanctuary of the White Friars trilogy, this SF and fantasy legend builds upon Michael Moorcock's autobiography, his love of London, and a lifetime of literary mastery. In 1253, Henry III granted a parcel of land in the heart of London to refugees from the Holy Land, the Carmelite White Friars. Later when designated a sanctuary it gained another - Alsacia. Outside the law, the quarter became a haven for criminals, debtors, adventurers and misfits. The brothers' only concern was to escape history's notice and its troubles. So Alsacia did not suffer like the rest of the world. No plague infected it. No Great Fire consumed it. No Blitz demolished it. Within its walls the friars persisted down the centuries keeping the secret of their true nature and purpose, guarding truths of cosmic import and nameless treasure. But in the years after World War Two, a young Londoner name Michael stumbles into Alsacia, stunned to discover an impossible place where reality and romance, life and death, fiction and history co-exist. Neither he nor the place will ever be the same again. Another metaphysical quest from the master. 480pp in US first edition with deckle pages and remainder mark.
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