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ART OF ROMANCE: Mills and Boon and Harlequin Cover Designs

JOANNA BOWRING & M. O'BRIEN    Book Number: 74693    Product format: Hardback

Mills and Boon has epitomised romance for over 100 years and the Harlequin imprint, always slightly more daring, is now over 60. These hugely successful publishing ventures followed the simple principle of giving the readers what they wanted: a virginal young woman was swept off her feet by a masterful man who might be a sheikh or a doctor, but always a figure of authority and frequently from a higher social class than the heroine. More recently, the heroine has been allowed to have a past, but even so the story always ends with wedding bells and a lifelong romantic commitment. The cover designs for romantic novels have to make an immediate impact, providing an element of intrigue while reassuring the reader that certain conventions never change. This fascinating book features well over 200 covers, each printed in full colour. Jack London was one of the earliest authors, with covers featuring rugged adventurous males, but by the 1920s the woman was the centre of the story. This was the period of the sheikh novel following Rudolf Valentino's popular film, and film themes can be seen throughout the 30s and 40s. W.A.A.F. into Wife and Utility Wedding have obvious war themes, and the female heroes increasingly have jobs, with titles such as The English Tutor, Nightclub Hostess and Nurse Warding Takes Charge. Towards the end of the 20th century the girl on the cover is wearing fewer clothes and the embrace is more passionate. 288pp, softback, 20 x 24cm, colour illustrations on most pages.
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