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Since time immemorial and throughout the world, some men and women have felt the desire for emotional and physical intimacy with those of their own sex, and have often suffered for it. But with official recognition of same-sex marriage and/or civil partnership now commonplace across the Western world it could be said that homosexuality has entered a new age of acceptance rather than persecution. In this extraordinarily wide-ranging study, historians from nine different countries examine the history of the same-sex relationship throughout the centuries and from all parts of the world, charting shifting attitudes and the gradual emergence of a "gay identity". Homo-erotic art from Asia pre-dates Christ, and in many African tribes boys and young men frequently assumed the role of sexual partner to older men, who were otherwise happily married to women. Writing in Tahiti in the late 18th century, William Bligh noted an extremely relaxed attitude toward all forms of sexual activity, also noting a "third sex" - also common in Asian and Native North American cultures - of men who performed the sexual duties of women and who were highly regarded because of it. Weimar Berlin saw a hedonistic explosion of lesbian acceptance, but it took European men a lot longer to escape persecution, with homosexual acts remaining illegal until quite recently in many countries. The arrival of AIDS made what people did in the bedroom the business of every person and every government, and we also examine how the law across the world struggles to accommodate gay rights, especially when it involves intergenerational relationships. With 253 illus (127 colour), an authoritative, accessible, highly informative and even-handed, non-judgemental account, drawing upon art, literature, letters, archives, personal memoirs and more. 384pp softback, 7¾"×10".

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