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384 spectacularly heavy, giant pages, 13½" wide by nearly 16" tall and published in association with the Royal Geographical Society, London, this is a very special Frechmann coffee table tome. 'Geographical maps are simply indispensible' wrote the Dutch map maker Joan Blaeu in his preface to his Atlas Maior of 1665. Blaeu was acutely aware of the importance of maps to navigation and trade, but as a commercial publisher he also understood their imaginative appeal to the armchair traveller. The map painted on the wall of the Neolithic settlement at Catal Huyuk in Turkey is more than 8,000 years old and the Roman General Marcus Agrippa had a world map carved in marble and set up beside the Via Flaminia. We can cross rivers and seas without leaving our armchairs and enjoy world maps from Ptolemy's Geographia, printed in Germany in 1486 and here reproduced in stunning colour across two pages, a 19th century copy of a map of Africa by Juan de la Cosa who accompanied Columbus on his second voyage, a map of the world showing Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe between 1519 and 1522, a series of more conventional portolans covering North Africa, Spain and the Balearics, faithful and much enlarged reproductions of Münster's 1546 Cosmographia, famous battles like Trafalgar and Salamis, Cornwall and the English Channel, mariners' and explorers' maps, the Dutch settlement a the Cape of Good Hope in a drawing, Amsterdam 1694, Japan 1747, World Magnetic Meridian 1851, Gertrude Bell's notebooks which led to the present borders of the state of Iraq, a watercolour sketch by David Livingstone of the Victoria Falls which captured the freshness of discovery, an RGS map from 1933 of the Turfan Basin, map showing distribution of Australian Aborigines 1892 and the Rocky Mountains 1842 and the voyage and Arctic explorations of Amundsen, RGS, 1907. A truly splendid and very collectable volume, great value and quality.
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