Shopping basket!

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13/08/2015 18:11

Shopping basket!

I find it confusing that when i have listed my order i have to go to the small catagories column to go to my order basket It would be much easier,as with most other companies ,for this to be immediately below the order form..Regards paul Wright
14/08/2015 13:33

RE: Shopping basket!

Thank you for your post - I have looked into this matter and can see that once you have finished entering the book codes into the online order form and and click on add to basket, the page just refreshes and you have to click on the Display Shopping Basket to proceed.

The order form was written specifically for Bibliophile and is not part of the original software - I will therefore have to contact our developers to ask if it is possible to be taken to the basket page once the order form has been completed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Kind Regards
Wilma Frederick
Bibliophile Customer Services