Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival July 2013

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Annie Quigley
20/11/2012 11:57

Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival July 2013

The Coronation Festival will be held in the palace’s 30-acre gardens on 11-14 July 2013. The event will consist of two parts: A one day exhibition of more than 200 Royal Warrant holders, followed by an evening celebration of the best performers from the UK and the Commonwealth. The event ties into the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 and is being driven by the Royal Warrant Holders Association.
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Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival will take place over four days next July in the beautiful grounds of the Palace.

As a Royal Warrant holder, Bibliophile will have a unique opportunity to display our fantastic range of bargain books and show the high standards of our special bookselling company. It will be our very first time at a public exhibition!

We will be rubbing shoulders and boosting our reputation alongside 200 Royal Warrant Holders from cartwheel and cheese makers to welly and fence manufacturers, craftspeople, perfumiers and corporations like House of Fraser in our marquee. Tickets only go on sale to the public and online in December!

Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition for a British PLC that has supplied goods and services for at least five years to the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales.

The exhibitor showcase will be divided into four sectors: Design and Technology, Food and Drink, Style Pursuits and Pastimes, and Homes and Gardens. Stands will range from 3 x 3m shell schemes through to huge bespoke presences and will cover a broad selection of the 800 companies holding Royal Warrants today. These include small British firms through to global brands and its three evening event partners Bentley, GlaxoSmithKline and Jaguar Land Rover.

Alongside Royal Warrant holders, the exhibition will showcase talent nurtured by the association’s charitable arm, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust. Royal Warrant holders are being charged to exhibit and have the choice of how they choose to dress their stands. A restaurant and café will also be built onsite, and visitors will be able to buy a hamper and picnic on the lawn.

In a press briefing at Buckingham Palace, secretary of the Royal Warrant Holders Association Richard Peck said the Coronation Festival will be a shining example of the best of British craftsmanship based around its key themes: Trade and industry, innovation and excellence. It is the first time an event of this kind has been run in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.
Annie Quigley
30/11/2012 08:12

RE: Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival July 2013

Hi Annie:

It was a delight to read of the coming festival, and of the place of honor that Bibliophile will be awarded. I am always awed by your extraordinary achievements and the well deserved recognition of Bibliophile. I wish I could join you for the event, but at least I can send my congratulations and very best wishes for a joyous and successful occasion.

I do hope you are doing well, and wish you the very best of the coming holiday season. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of seeing you again in London for the spring book fair!



Scott B. Bramson


Magnum Book Services USA

c/o Worldwide Freight Systems, Inc.

Annie Quigley
15/07/2013 13:01

RE: Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival July 2013

See photos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.625680640784557.1073741826.100000278818057&type=1&l=fd3a81143a
19/07/2013 21:38

RE: Buckingham Palace Coronation Festival July 2013

Annie, we attended this wonderful event and had the most fantastic day ever!
The weather was superb, we were in the Queens back garden and it was a joy to meet and chat to the Royal warrant holders, including the lovely Bibliophile team.
I have never forgotten Coronation Day and I shall never forget the Coronation Festival either.
I am very grateful that you brought it to my attention.
Warmest regards,
Sheila from Plymouth.